Captain Flinn and the Pirate Dinosaurs – Quite Possibly the Reason Weasel Thinks All Pirates Roar

Your kid like dinosaurs? Your kid like Pirates? This is the book for your kid! How could you go wrong with this combo (I’m sure ran through the heads of the publishers…)?! Captain Flinn and the Pirate Dinosaurs may be a little twee in places (the teacher bits make me cringe) but hey, Weasel has yet to think anything is twee apart from that horrible, high pitched voice that people tend to put on with babies/toddlers that can make your ears bleed and send pets running for cover. That’s had her eyes rolling and dirty looks being thrown at loved ones for years already.


So, good bits – good plot, lots of dinosaurs and it’s an ok length (Husband gets annoyed and shortens it, but I think it’s not too bad). There are girl pirates too thankfully.

Annoying bits? Slightly cheesy and tedious extra bits added onto sentences that just sound contrived (“They fought for at least 2 hours and 25 minutes” is an example of adding something on for no good reason and there’s a bit about ketchup that drives me batty).

Verdict: A good one, I imagine especially for boisterous kiddos.



  1. “Much too much tomato ketchup” is Roo’s favourite bit!

    1. Really?! Maybe Weasel is too young to get it then maybe. I thought Roo might like this one, sadly rules out potential Christmas presents for him though then.

      1. Soz much…his auntie “trina” from church is his pirate-dino source. But yes, he loves them….so it was a good judgement call. He also loves ketchup. He thinks it’s hilarious to tickle you and shout “I’m gonna eat you all up with so much ‘mato ketchup!”

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