George’s Cavery – For that Authentic English Holiday Experience

After a week on holiday in Devon playing the fun, stand-off game of feeding a pair of toddlers, we decided it might be best to go for cheap, buffet style food complete with play equipment out front. So off to George’s Carvery I went with a sort of ‘let’s have a laugh and see how bad it is’ kind of expectations.


Things George’s has going for it:

  • A play area with swings and climbing frame Wendy houses out front
  • It’s right on Paignton seafront which has a kick-ass playground and, of course, a pretty awesome beach
  • It’s pretty damn cheap (£3.95) and your kid can eat nothing but roast potatoes if they damn well please. Weasel ate a plate full of stuffing. I don’t care – she ate something and that’s good enough for me.


Things that you can giggle to yourself about and whisper to your friends about:

  • The advertised indoor soft play area is in the middle of the nightclub area and looks as bad as that sounds. *cringe* We didn’t tell the kids about it and quickly walked past.
  • The playground is conveniently also the smoking area. This has got to be the biggest downside to the smoking ban.
  • You get to eat at sticky tables with old age pensioners and (this is going to make me no friends, but here it goes anyways) people who clearly collected holiday vouchers from the Daily Mail. This is a good thing really as you get to hear them going on about the quality of the spread whilst ladling their gravy from the giant soup warmer.

Verdict: Although an authentically English holiday resort sort of restaurant in the old-skool sense, George’s does at least get my toddler to eat something, has swings and is next to a gorgeous beach and public playground. Take some Dettol wipes for the table/high chair and add salt generously to your food and you’ll do ok.

Some lovely photos of Paignton to make it ok…





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