Munchkin Spout Drying Rack – So unnecessary, but so pretty…

Husband came home to find the Munchkin Spout Drying Rack out well before my due date (soooo pretty, must get out of box…) and asked the stupid question ‘where did you get THAT from?’. From the internet of course! That land of beautiful things where imaginary money gets transferred without noticing. That’s where.

Here is the shiny box, complete with dappled light (totally on purpose of course to add effect)


Verdict: Do you actually need this product? No. Does it look wicked on your countertop and dry toddler sippy cups/baby bottles/your water bottle twice as fast? Yes it does. If you like lovely things and want to blow £10, have fun like I did. I now just have to remember to clean the tray out occasionally to avoid the cesspit that’s likely to form in the drip tray.



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