Pirates Love Underpants – Just about the perfect book for a potty trainer

Weasel’s current obsession? Bodily functions. This would be the long-dreaded potty training phase. I say phase, as we are lazy parents going for the ‘if I leave potties, toilet toppers with little step-stools and books about pants around the house, she can potty train herself, right?!’ method. I reckon, in fact, that most new parenting techniques come out of lazy parenting innovations anyway, so this is our contribution. Long weekends in the summer of your kid running around the house ruining the carpet? Nah, not for us. Let’s stretch this across months of trying not to get too involved.

So, the current book she’s loving, that would be Pirates Love Underpants, which is mostly about (caution – spoiler alert!) pirates on a treasure hunt for some mythical pants of gold. This book rocks because –

1) It’s about pants and pirates – what could be more awesome to a 2 year old?!

2) The illustrations are fantastic and the story makes sense

3) It comes with a hat and stickers! Bejesus, could it get any better?!


Verdict: The only issue with this book is that finding pirate pants for girls seems so difficult and that may be what they want after reading it. The boys ones (I presume) are a different fit and the girl ones are covered in cats, Peppa Pig or Disney Princesses. Grrr. The book though is 100% awesome.



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