Warwick Services – The Bursting Point on the Way to Birmingham and the Grumpy Point on the Way Home

A motorway service station – not exactly a glamorous destination, but a necessary stop for the toddler energy to come exploding out in a great running ball of tantrum. One we often end up at is Warwick as we have regular runs to Birmingham and this is the point on the way up that Weasel’s patience with the car gives out and on the way back that our caffeine levels start to drop (yes, I know it’s only 45 minutes further south, but us parents have to keep our addiction topped up).

On this trip, Weasel, the over-tired, wound up child that she is, actually ate dinner! I do not care in the slightest that dinner was pancakes from Starbucks. I forgive all of their tax-dodging ways for getting Weasel to eat anything in the mood she was in. It kept her going for the horror that was the M25 at rush hour and fuelled her reading her Octonauts magazine in the dark for another 2 hours.

Good Points (comparatively to other service stations, no point in comparing it to, say, something lovely that you would choose to go to!) –

  • The parent & child parking is right at the front door, conveniently over-looking Starbucks.
  • There is a Starbucks with comfy chairs and dim lighting and a Waitrose for picking up milk/bread/nappies which you should have bought earlier but kept forgetting.
  • There are 2 baby changing stations – one in the disabled loo and a further one in the ladies loos (at least they are there, but strangely smelled despite the nappy bins being empty).

Bad Points: It’s a service station, so will always feel a little like one of the upper levels of Dante’s Inferno (possibly in Limbo).


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