The Boatman – Guildford

Needing somewhere near gymnastics with a car park to grab lunch at before Weasel had a chance to pass out into her afternoon nap, I decided to check out The Boatman in Guildford. To be fair, we had been once before, sitting out on the riverside terrace on a hot sunny day. Luckily, on a wintery Wednesday it is much less crowded, we were able to get a space in the tiny (but thankfully existent) car park and much easier to manage a toddler in.

Here’s Weasel with her ‘butter wouldn’t melt’ face as she refuses to entertain the idea of eating lunch


Accessibility: There are a few steps inside and out, although there are some tables in areas at entrance level. If you get a space in the car park, you probably won’t need a pushchair, but it might be different if you are walking from town or from the nearest public car park, Millbrook Road.

Kids Menu: Sadly Weasel was insistent she wanted to eat pasta and it was completely absent from the menu and specials board (barring some adult’s veggie lasagne which neither of us was going to sacrifice our own happy eating to order), so we went with the sausage/mash/beans off the kiddie menu. The menu includes fish fingers, chicken strips or sausages served with chips and beans (although they allowed us to substitute mash for Weasel-the-chip-hater).

Changing: There is a clean changing table in the disabled loo.

Highlight of the meal for Weasel?: Running between a pole and our table, thankfully past empty tables. Yes, we are indeed reaching that very difficult in restaurant stages. Joy.

Verdict: Definitely good for kids, but better on quiet weekdays at lunchtime when you can get a space and I imagine it can turn into a bit more of a pub in the evenings.


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