Explosion Museum Gosport – Mostly Bombs

Although Portsmouth Historic Dockyard tickets are a little pricey at around £20, they do have the advantage of letting you have multiple entry to some of the exhibits and contain more museums than you could visit in a day. One of the museums that we had never made it to, and decided to take advantage of some old tickets we had, was the Explosion Museum in Gosport, which you can access by boat tour from the main dockyard. So a boat ride and a museum on a nice sunny day in June – perfect.

What’s there? Mostly bombs. For some reason I had the misconception that this would be like a science museum with hands on exhibits. Instead this was literally just bombs. Yes, bombs of various deadly, explodey types – land mines, torpedoes, nuclear warheads, it had them all. Sadly I think this may be more of a museum for people who have a bit of an interest in this sort of thing.

Did Weasel enjoy it? She enjoyed an ice cream on the terrace. Some of the sound effects throughout the museum frightened her unfortunately. Highlights included the room with all the lockers to open & shut, hitting the nuclear warhead and the little workman’s bench found in one of the rooms (until she got frightened by some lighting and sound effects in there). For older kids there was a dressing up box next to the locker room too which they could enjoy.


Pram Access – this was fine. We were helped by staff members to lift the pushchair onto the boat and there were no access issues in the museum itself.

Baby changing: Surprisingly yes and clean given she’s probably the only toddler who has ever been there.

Cafe: Yes, basic cafe with large indoor space and a few tables outside. Depending on your kid’s propensity to run around like a madman, you might be a bit weary about sitting outside given the lack of wall between you and the cold, wet, jagged sea. That chain ain’t going to keep many toddlers out from climbing over the side…

Verdict: It’s good, but think it might appeal more to those with an interest in military type things. It is worth it for the boat trip and ice cream alone if you have already bought your Dockyards ticket anyways.


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