Leftover Roast Dinner Pasta – Not for Your Pasta Purists….

I love ham and thankfully so does Weasel. When doing a Sunday roast we are a little unadventurous, basically we go for ham or chicken and there’s never any chicken left over. But we spend days after trying to think of ham dishes (ham curry is one of the weirder ones we’ve ended up with in the past). Husband describes this pasta dish as ‘not my favourite’ which to Americans means he hates it but is still going to eat it since someone put it in front of him, but Weasel and I enjoyed it so I thought I’d put it up. Look at me being all frugal with a how-to-use-leftovers dish 🙂

Ingredients: Mostly stuff from your roast, so you could substitute carrots for peas for example (just dice them first) or whatever meat you made (again, cut small)

Ham – about 3 thick slices of the small joint, cubed

Peas – as many as you think your kid will tolerate the look of

Gravy – yes, this is the death-nail for any claim on being Italian. You only need a tiny amount, like half a cup. Thicken it will cornflour if your is of the anaemic variety.

Pasta – a short one is going to work better here and fusilli is ideal given it holds onto little peas well.

Boil pasta as per instructions, reheat all other items in a pan. Combine. Sounds insane, but Weasel really liked it. One watchout – definitely don’t add any salt, all the items will have been pre-salted (especially if you’re using ham) from the previous meal.


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