NCT Halloween Party – Guildford Rugby Club

Having been amazed at how good the Easter Egg Hunt the NCT threw over at Cranleigh Golf Club earlier this year, I though it would be fun to give their ‘No Bangs Fireworks  & Halloween Party’ night at Guildford Rugby Club go. Despite its name, it’s in Godalming, which caused me some initial confusion. At £5 a family, it’s a pretty cheap seasonal thing to do on a Sunday.

Nice to take Weasel somewhere with other kids her age, a lovely disco witch lady playing things like Dingley Dangley Scarecrow and making them pretend to be animals. Husband thought although the hot food was mostly hot dogs and hamburgers, that they were at least of a reasonable quality. Weasel’s favourite bit? Probably the glowstick bracelet all the kids got – tasty, tasty glowsticks.

Areas for improvement:

This used to be held at the Squirrel (although I’m told it was mostly in tents) so they have a bigger venue, yet it was really, really over-crowded. It was almost impossible to get out to the costume & pumpkin judging and there were only a handful of chairs. Whilst I understand they were maybe trying to save on floor space, it’s not easy when you have loads of pregnant women there and toddlers requiring dinner (it started at 5). Hopefully next year it will be held at a larger venue! It think it’s more pronounced when you have little people – with all the adults standing it must feel even more intimidating for them.

Candy! Ok, so I know it’s more for bonfire night and not Halloween, but there was zero candy (apart from a stall downstairs selling it that we couldn’t get to once upstairs). I’m sure there must be some way of incorporating some trick or treating into the party?

Kids not in costume: Really? Surely any excuse at all to put your toddler in a ridiculous outfit should be seized upon? But no, sadly costumed-munchkins were in the minority. My witch’s hat stayed firmly on the bag pile since it looked like not many parents were into the whole Halloween thing.

Verdict: It is a good evening, but be prepared for a bit of a crush. Weasel definitely enjoyed it more once everyone went outside to watch the fireworks (she’s not a great fan of crowds and could still see the fireworks from the door to the balcony on Husband’s shoulders). Prams get left outside (so leave your in the car if you can as the weather obviously is unpredictable) and the food options are slightly limited for the time of day (Weasel had a small sausage and cookie for dinner, which to be fair, is just about her dream dinner, but it might not be my idea of what she should eat!). Be prepared to sit on the floor. Fingers crossed they improve the capacity for next year…


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