Pumpkin Picking Rocks

Ok, so we missed the actual bit where you go into the field due to procrastination, oops. But we still trekked down to the farm shop at Sutton Green and got an adventure picking out ones that had been brought in from the fields on site. It was probably a good thing we didn’t have to go foraging through a muddy field given the inappropriate footwear that we were both wearing. Bad mummy planning.

Yes, for your mega-jack-o-lanterns you’re probably going to have to take a trip to the supermarket, where pound for pound your going to get more of a pumpkin. But there was something really nice about Weasel choosing her pumpkin from where it was grown and we’re going to paint our little pumpkin (bargainous at 90p!) to really get Weasel involved. With the larger one (not pictured) she may be on scooping duty, which knowing her, she’s going to run away from. She’s so damn proud of the small one that I doubt she’d let us cut into it anyways.

I love seasonal excuses to make crap with Weasel! And we were told there is still PYO for carrots and parsnips – so we’ll be donning our wellies& woolly hats and venturing out for that soon 🙂


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