Tip Tops Tabs Pirate Party – Looks Indestructible, is Mostly Made of Tape

Bought before Weasel was born, Pirate Party was mostly purchased for being about pirates and looking like it would take heavy machinery to destroy it. As we soon discovered, a toddler is more than capable of this on their own. But if the amount of cellotape on a book is testament to how much use it gets, I suppose this would be up there in her long-running favourites.

It’s not particularly exciting to read, the ‘plot’ is lame and the aforementioned structural issue mean I wouldn’t usually recommend it; but Weasel loves reading this for herself. She likes flipping through it and talking about what’s in the pictures and this started from a very early age. So I guess the verdict is good, just purchase a roll of clear tape at the same time.


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