Weasel’s Current Food Love – Risotto!

I’m so relieved we are getting a temporary reprieve from the milk/sausage/yogurt diet that Weasel was enjoying for so long, and with something as quick and tasty as risotto. Woohoo! I’m a big fan of the northern Italian rice dish, although I’m sure purists out there might mock some of the combos I put in there, I do try to stick to traditional-ish recipes. Last weekend’s hit was chicken and mushroom risotto. Ah yes, Weasel unwittingly ate mushrooms. Mwahahaha.

Why I like to make risotto: one pan (so great to save on washing up or to be made on boats/in holiday rentals), 20 minutes or so to make, great for warming you up, great balance of veg/carbs/meat.

Why Weasel likes risotto: She can cover herself in the stickiest rice know to mankind and sprinkle grano on it (the key feature of any good meal for her is ‘can I put cheese on it myself?’ I give her a separate little bowl of cheese to a) regulate the amount of cheese she’s putting on and b) stop her stealing my damn cheese.)

Anyhoo, recipe! This fed the 3 of us for one meal, plus leftovers for Weasel and I the next day.

3 chicken thighs (I get the fillets, I am too lazy to de-bone a thigh and white meat just doesn’t give the dish as much flavour), cut up into very small pieces, the size maybe of raspberries.

2 chicken stock cubes (or some homemade stuff if you are wonderwoman)

About 300g of rice

1 pack of oyster mushrooms (any mushrooms can be used, but these have a really meaty texture and are pale in colour, so might not be noticed by a small person…)

1 very small onion (or half a normal one – dice the whole thing, put the other half in a jam jar in the fridge to be easily used later but without making your fridge stink)

1 stick of celery, finely diced (use the middle sticks that are a bit pale that no one wants to eat anyways)

some grano padano, marg, oil, salt & pepper to taste

1) Fry chicken in some oil and marg; when starting to brown add celery and onions.

2) When softened slightly (well, before they start burning) add rice in. Stir for about a minute, not letting the rice stick/burn.

3) Add stock and extra water. You’re going to need about twice as much water as other content, but this is something you’ll need to judge based on heat/pan used/etc.

4) Add roughly chopped or torn mushrooms after about 10 minutes.

Stir frequently, add water is rice isn’t done yet and lower the heat if it’s starting to stick. Timings are the tricky bit for sure, but you’ll get a feel for it hopefully!

Season if needed. Add grated grano right at the end, keeping some aside for your kid to sprinkle on.

Have fun!


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