Weasel – Master of Chopsticks – sort of

Admittedly it probably is a bit over the top to get your 22 month old a set of chopsticks; but how could I resist when they’re so friggin cute? It all started out with her back in February being envious in a Chinese restaurant of our chopsticks and refusing to use a fork even though there was no hope in hell of any food reaching her mouth. She mostly ate prawn crackers that night as a result, which for some reason were an exception to her toddler brain.

Not having a clue as to where to start, I decided to go for the Pororo Chopsticks Set, randomly found on Amazon. In addition to having an awesome penguin, they also come with a spoon and carrying case. Although I’m not sure how much of a prat I would look turning up to a restaurant with a carrying case for my kid’s chopsticks, so this mostly lives in her toy box instead.

After a few failed attempts, we seem to have success tonight with picking up noodles – hooray! Now if I can just get her wanting to pick up the vegetables with them that would be great. Maybe it was the awesome spider hair clips bought today that made it all happen. I would love to give you a link to their website with them on, but it’s so rubbish I cannot do so. They’re from Sainsburys anyways.




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