The Weirdness that is Meg & Mog

I’d never heard of Meg & Mog personally, being foreign and all that, but Husband informed me that they are ‘classics’. By this, Husband means they came out roughly when he was a kid and usually have mostly a nostalgic appeal. No doubt Meg & Mog feel like they come right out of the haze of the 70’s, but they are pretty awesome for their weirdness.

My first foray into the books was Mog at the Zoo (Weasel is obsessed with most animals, so it seemed a logical choice), followed by  Meg on the Moon (for her space phase). I then bought the triple collection of at Sea, in the Fog and Eggs, which I slightly misunderstood as being a pack of 3 books as opposed to 3 stories in the same book. These triple collections should probably be avoided as a) it’s a little confusing to a 2 year old trying to work out why she’s gone from dinosaurs to a desert island and b) because that ‘just one more book’ at bedtime turns into quite a long read when this one is grabbed and is subsequently kept far, far away from her bed to avoid it being chosen.

Verdict: With loads of random things to point out, explanations to be made as to why they’re doing things like eating toast in a  tree with a snake and sound effects to make a plenty, these books are awesome for toddlers. Just stick to the singles to avoid getting duped into reading 2 more books than you were bargaining for at the point in the night which you really want to have a glass of wine in front of the telly without your toddler.


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