Roker’s Little Angels Soft Play

I somehow managed to avoid Roker’s Little Angels entirely despite everyone I know having been to this soft play place. For a start it could be that I can’t work out of an apostrophe is needed. Is it someone called Roker? Have they forgotten the apostrophe? Am I adding one unnecessarily? Can I bring myself to not put one in because that’s the official name? Honestly, to an apostrophe obsessive, these sorts of things keep you up at night, or at least send you to other play zones to stop you worrying about something so insanely stupid. Going in the school summer holidays was probably enough to keep my brain off of the grammar and concentrating on Weasel not being trampled/climbing up the big kid slide/not having foam blocks hit her/not getting stuck somewhere in which a pregnant lady should not and could not venture.

Good points:

Size – this place is rather large and would seem spacious (I would hope) outside of school holidays.

Food: Not that we ate there, barring a cookie and a cuppa, but the food going past on trays for others seemed nicer than your usual soft play place fare.

Not quite as good bits:

The toddler area could probably do with a bit more equipment in it, as ours seemed to be inevitably attracted to the more exciting big kids section.

Up to age four in the toddler area is a bit difficult for little ones like Weasel, who struggled to get onto anything without being bumped off by an over-zealous, larger kid. One kid in particular was instant on throwing foam blocks at us and knocking down towers with his parent clearly no where in sight.

Verdict: At £3.50 off-peak for under 4’s, it’s definitely at the higher end of the price range for soft play, but do think it would be worth it on a normal, term-time weekday. I would just never go back here, ever, during a school holiday, as I don’t think I could take the noise levels or older children. Weasel did enjoy it, but only when allowed loose in the larger play area around the back where there were no other kids and less noise.


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