Amazon World aka Being Rubbed Up By Lemurs

On our weekend camping expedition to the Isle of Wight, it seemed only right to check out some of the awesome days out the island has to offer. It’s the sort of place you visit expecting a bit of cheese, low budgets and attractions shouting excitedly in their brochures about ‘free parking’ and ‘gift shops’. I’m not dissing the IOW, a bit of cheap cheese never goes amiss. So with the headline claims of having ‘the Isle of Wight’s only walk through lemur enclosure’. well, we had to go to Amazon World really.

Here is the aforementioned attraction where Husband discovered he’s allergic to lemurs after one rubbed himself all over his neck. Now I cannot wait to be in an emergency room and get asked if he has any allergies just to be able to tell the doctor ‘only lemurs’. If you want to be covered in lemurs, they seemed to be attracted to the lurid yellow that the family in front of us seemed to be plastered in. I was slightly nervous about a 5-pound clawed primate jumping on my toddler, but thankfully they were equally as nervous about pouncing on a screechy, wiggly Weasel.

Other highlights include a load of walk-thru bird enclosures (many of which seemed a little on the small side for modern zoos, but had signs up saying they were soon to be renovated and extended), big fish to feed, and an entire armadillo house which will teach you more about armadillos than you ever wanted to know.


Free Parking 🙂 And mostly under a roof – exactly what you need for a holiday in the UK!

Pram Access: We had no trouble at all, there are ramps everywhere.

Food: This we avoided. Originally we were going to eat at the cafe, but after realising it was more ‘mug of tea’ than freshly ground espresso beans, we headed back over to the Garlic Farm.

Changing: T’was Husband’s turn, but he said it was ok. There was a unisex loo for it next to the cafe.

Cost: Not that bad compared to mainland prices – £8.99 and free under 3.

Verdict: Once you get past the damp mildewy smell (to be fair, probably the smell of the Amazon), it’s a lovely day out. It’s nice to see they’re improving the enclosures that look a little old-school zoo. I’d just have alternative food plans before heading out.



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