Corrie’s Cabin Cowes – Tasty Eat-In Chippy on the Isle of Wight

Originally planned as a ‘let’s go cheer on daddy!’ trip to Cowes for the Round the Island Race; it soon turned into a family day out after the boat he was going to crew on decided to pull out of the race last minute. Oh well, it meant a fun day out on the island and required a traditional fish & chip lunch for the occasion. Wanting to actually have somewhere to sit, we popped into Corrie’s Cabin for a late lunch.


Pram Space? : Some, but not much. Our friend left their double outside and ours was squeezed in near the door, needing to be moved whenever someone came in. Thankfully it was a bit quiet.

Food:  Having the only child who doesn’t eat chips and who peels batter off everything, Weasel mostly ate small pieces of fish.  I did love that it came on awesome fishy plates and they were able to provide all 3 kids with plastic cutlery and Ikea cups for milk. Weasel made a valiant attempt at using a knife for the first time. I had squid from the specials board, which was super tasty.

Loos – no. But there were some public toilets very nearby with clean-ish baby changing facilities.

Verdict: Service was slightly slow, always annoying when you have 3 energetic toddlers and you took too long choosing a place so they’re now in a combined state of hungry and defiant so are probably going to eat nothing yet have all the grump from lack of food. Fun! But it is nice to be able to sit inside with fish & chips and particularly nice that they do cater for kids.


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