Busy Airport – Essential Pre-Flight Reading for Toddlers

After the purchase of clothes suitable for actual for-real hot weather, a Trunki (loved until we were actually using it as a suitcase), some sandals and enough pre-emptive Calpol to get us through any kind of horrendous illness suddenly acquired on the way out, I decided it was time to purchase a book on airports to prepare Weasel for our first solo flight without Husband. After weighing up Amazon reviews, we went for Busy Airport.

What’s good about it?:

– Movable bits for kids to play with – the luggage belt moves, helicopters go up, airplanes take off. They’re mostly sturdy; so it now is only about 5% made of tape šŸ™‚

-There are loads of babies and kids to point out and wave at.

-There’s lots of ‘can you see a dog?’ and ‘what colour is that plane?’, so plenty of interactive fun. And when you get to the actual airport, the vocab is already known and you can point out pilots and luggage trollies to your heart’s content.

Anything bad about it?: It would be nice it were a little longer.

Verdict: definitely worth a go if you’re looking for a pre-flight book to prepare your young toddler. It’s small enough to fit in your handbag and in a cramped airplane seat.


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