The Old Fort Cafe and the ill-thought-out mega-brunch

After 2 nights of camping on the Isle of Wight in the rain, some serious food was needed to sustain us all. Stupidly, despite being booked in to eat at the Old Fort for lunch, we went for a ginormous irresistible brunch about an hour before hand with was just a total school girl error. Weasel chose to sleep through our brunch, which was a shame given the awesome cafe we found in Seaview – LP‘s, just a short walk from the front.

Here’s our amazing brunch venue Weasel managed to sleep through, and check out the kid’s menu on the wall! Although a tight fit for the pram on this busy weekend, it was a very child-friendly place indeed. I couldn’t see a changing room, but the single loo would have been large enough to change a kid in.








After a short walk around the town in which Anneka Rice was bumped into, we sat our full bellies down outside the pub awaiting friends, who, it turned out, were waiting inside for us to turn up. There are some nice tables out front and benches to watch boats from for little ones.

Getting some weird looks for ordering 3 bowls of chips, a child’s meal and a dessert, I really regretted not having saved myself for this place. There were really nice options for kids that weren’t your typical kiddie meals of sausage and chips. Weasel had a veggie curry with naan bread, which she loved and which resulted in actual vegetables being ingested, woohoo!

Practicalities – There was plenty of pram space and there were high chairs. There didn’t appear to be changing facilities, but I managed to change Weasel on the floor in the loo with little trouble. They are up quite a few stairs though.

Verdict: Both LP’s and The Old Fort are worth a go if you’re nearby, just don’t be stupid and try to go to both within 2 hours of each other!


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