Côte – Farnham

Fancying checking out the Rural Life Centre near Farnham, we headed into town first for lunch and decided to try out Côte – possibly the one chain Weasel hasn’t been too. It’s in an awesome medieval courtyard, Lion & Lamb which seems to get a little more lively every time we visit the town with new shops and cafes. I digress…

So does this look like a toddler who’s going to sit calmly and all civilised through a meal out? I think not.

Weasel made this a tough visit, although the middle-aged couple we thought we eying us up with annoyance at the next table, said goodbye to her and said how she had amused them as they got up to leave. I guess us parents read to much into the staring of fellow patrons sometimes!


Space for your Weasel: Tables inside and out seem to have plenty of space around them for prams and pushchairs. We left ours near the door this visit (pushchair, not Weasel).

Changing: It appears that the disabled loo/changing room is also the staff toilet, so a slightly unusual setup. Ask the waiter, you wouldn’t guess you have to walk past a kitchen bit behind a curtain.

Menu: They had the typical fare – cod & chips, sausage & mash, roast chicken, etc. I was kind of hoping for what French kids eat (whatever that might be) but I guess most people go for what they know theirs will eat and the menu has catered for that. Weasel went for sausages, which really should be in the singular given there was one cut in half length-wise. She only ate about half anyways, so the small size made little difference for us.

Verdict: Nice food, but bear in mind the toddler sized portions if your kid is a little older. Your fellow diners are likely to be tanned, well-dressed and of the well-bred variety, but don’t let that put you off; we got no negative attention despite our Weasel’s best efforts (like crawling along the floor under her highchair shouting ‘tunnel!’).

On a totally different note, we ended up getting there so late, we never made it to the Rural Life Centre in the end, oops. An adventure for another day…


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