Puzzles! aka mummy can’t resist a bargain on Olympic stuff

What’s the most awesome thing in the entire Weasel world right now (ok, apart from hair clips)? Puzzles. A random purchase of an Olympic puzzle on sale at the supermarket is now constantly on her mind. She wakes up wanting to ‘make puzzles!’, she wants to ‘make puzzles!’ last thing before bed. Obsessive cannot begin to describe it, but I’m pretty sure this is a good skill to be learning (Spacial awareness? Looking for patterns? Vocab? Who knows). And for a few pounds, this Weasel-entertainment device was certainly a bargain.

I’ve ended up separating out the 4 puzzles into ziplock bags to try to help her not spend ages shoving a green piece with a tennis racket on it onto the poor rowing alien’s head. This also gives her the joy of putting baggies on her feet and wondering around the house. Parent of the year award is clearly on its way to me.


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