Giraffe – Amazingstoke

Needing a bite to eat for a late lunch in Amazingstoke’s Festival Place, the mother-in-law and I checked out the Giraffe chain. I’m not quite sure why I haven’t been before given Weasel’s love of “raffs”. In the outside food court area of the mall, the location is great for Weasel’s people-watching habit.


Menu – possibly the largest, most varied kids menu I’ve ever seen. And look, I managed to take a photo for once! I do love that they split it into 2 age groups too, so we don’t end up paying for and wasting a load. She was even given what we refer to as the giraffe of pointy death topping her milk, in a perfect position to poke her eye out. This is of course is the most awesome toy in the world for a 2 year old.



Changing: As you’d expect from a chain, this place had your typical disabled loo with fold down table. It was a quiet day, so clean, but this might not be indicative of a Saturday in this grand old town.

Kid friendly: Unbelievably so. Those yet to be burdened, err, I mean, graced with kids, might find it a little too kiddie oriented. Good crayon selection.


Verdict: Although my meal could be described mostly as ‘alright’, the awesome kids menu and pointy death giraffe make this somewhere I’ll take Weasel again.


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