Taco Pasta – so wrong yet so right

I know it’s so very wrong, but Taco Pasta is so tasty that in our house we always ensure we have some leftover taco meat just to make this dish the next day. Yes, we cheat and buy the Old El Paso or Discovery Taco seasoning mix, mostly because for the sake of 69 of your English pence, I’m not sure I can be bothered to work out the correct dosage of each spice every time I want a taco (this is quite a frequent occurrence).

How do you make this awesome delicacy you ask?

1) Save taco meat cooked in seasoning in fridge over night. I know it means some taco restraint, which is tough. My advice is make extra to start with.

2) Whilst boiling spaghetti/linguine/whatever kind of pasta you would like, pop the meat + either a good squirt of tomato paste/finely chopped tom/leftover salsa/any tomato based product you can lay your hands on + some water to stop it burning and to thin it out a little into a frying pan. You can add some frozen peas to the boiling pasta pot if you want to imagine your kid might eat something green. Make as tomato saucy as you like, but I like mine quite dry. Thanks to all that tasty beefy fat, the seasoning sticks well to your spaghetti without any worries.

3) Drain pasta pea pot, pour drained food into frying pan and stir until well-combined.

4) Just to add insult to injury and to erase any pretense of Italian origins, sprinkle with sharp cheddar leftover from taco night.

According to Weasel, it is best served with yogurt that requires a spoon and knife combo to eat. Enjoy!


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