The Garlic Farm – Isle of Wight

The Garlic Farm was completely not what I was expecting. What I was expecting from the Isle of Wight was something properly naff with maybe melamine-table filled cafe attached. I tried to convince dear husband that the best time to go would probably be lunchtime, as opposed to his idea of 10:30am, but somehow he won this argument. As soon as we pulled up, I realised my perception of what you would find on the Isle of Wight was totally wrong and with the tasty, if slightly overwhelming, smell of garlic wafting from the shop, I knew we’d have to come back for lunch after our Amazon World excursion. We stopped for coffee and cakes our morning visit, this being some kind of raspberry meringue ripple thing that Weasel and Gravel decided to pretend didn’t exist. Apparently that doesn’t look tasty to my toddler, so more for me.

Going round the shop was good, apart from the idea of carting garlic back in the car 2 days later and how we’d never, ever be able to stop smelling garlic in there. So jarred products it was, and some inadvisable beef jerky (didn’t taste of anything, apart from garlic obviously!).

Back again for lunch, we were starving and excited, but Weasel again couldn’t be bothered with food. I’m starting to suspect her daily morning heaps of cheerios might be the cause of lunch time apathy, but oh well. The kids’ menu was exciting and she got a lovely sausage sandwich with fries and a side salad, of which she ate only the sausage. Sadly, I think I made the wrong choice on mine, being a big fan of chicken wings, I went for the garlic wings with a garlic, peanut butter dip. Both were too dry and didn’t really match up sadly, plus I had food envy of all the other tasty food people around us seem to have ordered. There did seem to be quite a lot of mistakes with orders, both for us and hearing others asking the waitresses to replace what they had been given with what they ordered. As it was packed, I think they were struggling to deal with the volume of people.

Shop and child gurning for the camera

Apart from the restaurant, there was a demonstration kitchen going where we could wonder around learning about garlic and having breadsticks to dip in tasty homemade garlic products, a tractor ride which I’m guessing sets out at set times for a tour of the farm and a history of the farm barn. Facilities are good, if slightly oddly laid out, in the courtyard and parking is conveniently just across the road.

Verdict: It’s definitely worth a go with some of the most inventive food I’ve seen on the island. If you can work out when the tractor goes this would make an awesome lunch out for kids.



  1. Did you try the garlic ice-cream? Now that’s a taste that lingers….

    1. I was too chicken! I did try the garlic fudge. I’m thinking they should mostly keep the garlic away from the desserts!

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