OK, So Slightly More ‘Adventures Without Gravel’ This Time

Ok, not strictly adventures with my toddler, this is more an adventure without. Originally we had bought a ticket for for the Olympic Closing Ceremony for Weasel (well, ‘won’ it in the original ballot), but seeing the time of the event and after much consideration, we decided she’d be much better off staying home for this one.

Good on you if you managed to take your little person – you deserve a medal, that had to be tough. Loud, steeply seated, queues, and, the thing that would have been most difficult, sitting for 5 hours. Weasel’s seat would have been mid-row and I suspect tears would have been a family event by the end of the night.
Now I’m just sad my 26 BBC channels of pure Weasel distraction have disappeared 😦


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