Vango Nitestar Baby Sleeping Bag – Maybe Your Kid Will Like It More Than Mine Did

I’m a sucker for cute things and things don’t get much cuter than a baby sleeping bag. After seeing the Vango Nitestar Baby Sleeping Bag on my random browses through Amazon, I couldn’t resist and bought it. It’s not like we had any plans at the time to go camping, but I figured we eventually would, maybe.

Our first test of the bag went disastrously wrong to say the least. A camping trip in Wales in August? Surely that’s warm enough for camping right? Um, no. We could see our breath at night in the tent and only made it to about 2am before shifting a family member out of their holiday bed cosily located inside a caravan. Four main reasons this didn’t work were:

1) Weasel insisted on only sleeping halfway in the bag leaving her waist upwards out.

2) Bad parents thought it was the height of summer so didn’t also bring a growbag.

3) This sleeping bag is only comfortable to 7c, which it was definitely below.

4) I was even cold in my 4 season sleeping bag due to forgetting a duvet to put over the freezing air mattress.

The second test (yes, we braved it again, and this time in the rain too!) came on the Isle of Wight this summer, in much warmer but much wetter temperatures, thankfully accompanied by a much more protective tent too. We learned our lessons from our Welsh expedition – we brought a grow bag, 2 blankets (one for under, one for over), the temperature only got down to around 10c at night and, well, Weasel continued to not want to snuggle down into the bag, but that was always going to be the factor least likely to change for the better! Here’s a photo of her at least snuggling into it during the day.

Verdict: Test someone else’s out first before buying as it’s your kid who is likely to either hate or love it. In warmer climes it might be more successful as it doesn’t matter if they’re fully zipped in or not. It’s still friggin’ cute though.


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  1. Thank you for writing about this!! My girl is 1.5, and we want to get something for her to go camping in fall in Canada where the temps hover around 0-5°C at night. We were thinking about this, but after reading this, will more seriously consider a Slumbersac or Dream Bag with arms!

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