Bodean’s – Soho – with a Toddler

Bodean’s is not your typical place to eat with a toddler, and as you would expect is not kid-oriented. But you don’t expect it to be. It’s a proper American sports & barbecue bar, and it rocks that well. For once, I would have to say that filling it full of young kids would kind of ruin its thing it’s got going on. Saying that, I’m still going to get my hot wing and ginger ale fix accompanied by my toddler whenever I can. Strangely, and it could be the dark interior, wood-paneled walls and the basement atmosphere, but Weasel has managed to sleep through both visits; once as an infant after getting her passport at the US embassy and the second time after an exhausting day of Olympic-sized fun at beach volleyball. I thought I should still post on it, despite her lack of being conscious in the place, to give practicalities.

Basement?: Yes, you will have to carry your pushchair downstairs. There are some tables upstairs at the deli, but the high tables and even less pushchair space limit its child-friendliness.

Changing?: Yes! There is a fold-down changing table in the women’s loo. We haven’t had to use it yet, and you probably wouldn’t want to deal with a massive poo-plosion there in the open, but hey, it exists, woohoo!

Food: Whilst it makes me drool just having a look at the menu again, despite just having finished a curry off for dinner, there doesn’t seem to be a kids’ specific menu. We ordered Weasel a side of mac & cheese (which we ate half of and took the other half home in a doggy bag for her to eat when she eventually woke up), but there are plenty of starters and other sides which would easily work for kids. In adidtion, the adult portions are epic, so you could easily share. Word of warning – 12 hot wings are what most restaurants in the UK would call 24 wings (as in both bits of wing are counted as one), so be prepared to take home some of your dinner.

Space for your kid? There are booths, and we were told there were highchairs which we didn’t end up needing. You may have to scoot your pram to one side or fold it up; we got lucky both visits being put somewhere with space next to us.

Verdict: Go, the food is worth it and your kid will probably conk out for an hour.


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