Pods Rock at Heathrow T5

Ok, so I was probably more excited about the pods at Terminal 5 Heathrow than Weasel was. And they also saved us from missing our flight after being totally waylaid by a toddler refusing to allow me to pack or leave the house. Pods are definitely worth the extra cost if doing a weekend break, but too costly for anything else as they require business parking (I say require, you don’t actually HAVE to park in business, pick one up from the short stay parking garage and you could ride it back and forth of your kid so wanted).

What are they? I didn’t realise until today that everyone didn’t know of their existence, I think I might be a mega-dork. They’re little personal electric, well, pods, that travel along between terminal 5 and the Business Car Park. The T5 Business Car Park is about a 6 minute journey from departures, saving you a crap-load of time if you, like me, have a wayward toddler slowing you down. Here’s the docking station at the car park-

And from the terminal:

Why are they so damn cool? I don’t know, it’s like your own private future car maybe (I kept thinking of the space capsule evacuation scene from Spaceballs as we were going, not that it looks anything like it!) It’s quick, goes exactly where you need it to, Weasel can be as annoying as she likes in it, it is easily accessible with a pram and on top of all that it’s environmentally friendly.

Anything bad about them?

-They only go from business parking, I’m hoping they have expansion plans.

-There was a weird delay in leaving the terminal on the way home – only about 5 minutes, but I wasn’t sure if they were broken.

-Getting out at the terminal there are barriers to stop you taking luggage trolleys on them, which meant my pushchair only just fit through. I have an uber-narrow pushchair, so I don’t know how exactly you’d get out in a wheelchair or with a wider buggy.

Bored looking kid (turns out they are not exciting from the pram)

Happy kid (now removed to seat for the journey back)

Verdict: Take one! Even if it means getting there early and having a little sneaky ride, go! Make sure to put your kid on a seat though, otherwise they’ll just look at you like you’re a mentalist.


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