Tortiglioni with Brie, Courgette and Pomodorini

This bright summery pasta is great for little hands and sneaking veggies past toddlers. To start with, tortiglioni is by far Weasel’s favourite pasta, so anything I chuck on there is bound to get eaten – the size and shape seems to really suit little hands. And its tastiness hot or cold means it’s versatile for outdoor eating or cooking a little in advance when your wee one is still napping for example.


As much pasta as your kid will eat- any will do, but short shapes are going to be best

Brie – we used half a normal size wedge for the 3 of us (so probably 100 grams)

tomatoes – we went for yellow cherry ones, trying to trick her into picking them up (failed)

Courgettes (zucchini)- we used 2 small ones, skin pealed to make the thin slices blend into the colour of the pasta and stick well (many snuck past her radar and got eaten, woohoo!)

Garlic – 1 heaped spoonful from a jar, couple of cloves put through a press would do if fresh

parmigiano/grano padano to sprinkle on

1) Boil water, add salt to water. Put pasta on according to instructions on pasta. We tend to add a minute or 2 for Weasel’s pasta.

2) Chuck thinly sliced courgettes in olive oil in a pan, after a few minutes (stirring as you go) add halved tomatoes and garlic.

3) After about 9 minutes of pasta at full boil, turn heat off of veggie pan and plop chunks of brie on top to melt (but not boil!)

4) Drain pasta, add pasta into veggie/cheesy pan and stir around until well-coated. Turn heat on low to aid this if necessary.

Serve any way you like, sprinkle with parmigiano/grano to taste and at the temp you like. Will keep nicely for a couple of hours, but won’t taste of much after an overnighter in the fridge.

Good luck!


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