Gourmet Pizza at Gabriel’s Wharf

After a bit of an adventurous day exploring and feeling all cultural on the Southbank, we decided to stay in London to grab a bite to eat. Due to the presence of a toddler making us eat early, we sort of expected to find loads of free tables at restaurants, but we were proved very wrong on this Saturday night. Also, after a day of fun, Weasel was in the mood for chaos, not pizza. Does this look like the face of a child who is about to eat their dinner? Not a chance.

Food: Very much on the bland side for the adults, and even having ordered Weasel a half portion (the do small portions instead of a dedicated kids meal, which does give a nice amount of choice) of spicy sausage pasta for her, and having to reassure the waitress that we weren’t crazy for ordering such a spicy choice, the food tasted of pretty much nothing. It’s a shame since it seems a really creative menu. Weasel then decided the only way she was planning on eating that food was whilst sat on husband’s lap being fed. Fun times!

Access: A few stairs to go up with the pram, which had to be left in the entrance. Tables are quite close together, so you might feel a little squeezed with an oft-bumped high chair.

Highchairs: Plenty

Changing?: Not so good. They tried I have to say, by giving us a change mat to put in the loo. Unfortunately they are the world’s smallest toilets. I was instructed to put the mat over the sinks, balancing precariously in the middle of the two whilst a queue of women slinked out the door and people had to squish round me to even get in the stalls let alone use the sink. And of course, worst nightmare, it was a poo. I may well have broke the world record for fastest change of a pooey nappy in there that evening. It would have been less stressful just to change her in the pram at the entrance, as was my original plan before being reassured by the kind waitress with the change mat. Even changing in the cubicle itself would have been preferable as it was much larger than the sink area suggested.

Verdict: Maybe this place would be ok at an odd time (we were there at 630pm on a Saturday) but there really isn’t space for a kid in the evenings. As for the food, I am hoping we were just unlucky in our 3 choices – I did break my own rule of ordering pasta with chicken on it (it’s just plain wrong), husband ordered some weirdo pizza and they may have dumbed-down Weasel’s pasta. And if you’re still awaiting a daily joyous nappy from your lovely little person, avoid like the plague.


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