More Fish! Blue Reef Aquarium in Newquay

I’m a sucker for aquariums so was excited to get to check out the Blue Reef Aquarium whilst on holiday in Newquay. Not only is it in an awesome location, right on the gorgeous (if slightly windblown this summer!) seafront, but has a wicked shark tunnel which has now made Weasel completely obsessed with tunnels. No kidding, everything is now a tunnel – supermarket isles, tree-lined roads, the driveway. This place has a lot of fun to answer for.

Shark Tunnel!

The Bay Outside


Parking Nearby? We went to a pay and dsiplay car park about a 10 minute walk away.

Changing Facilities: Good and unisex. They’re also in the lobby before you pay to get in, so if you needed the facilities later you could always pop in.

Accessible? There are lifts everywhere, but after the pain in the ass time we had with the pushchair in the Maritime Museum, we decided to abandon it at the entrance. I don’t think it was an official pram parking area (just past the ticket desk) but it worked for us!

Food: Typical cafe type. It seemed ok but we decided to try out Chy just next door.

Stuff at toddler height? Mostly. There are plenty of low fish tanks for them to press their faces up against and the tunnel has a little bench for them to stand on. Thoughtfully they have step stools you can pick up at the ticket booth to take round with you if you like.

Verdict: This place is definitely worth going out of your way to get to – an awesome aquarium in an awesome location. Watch out for the vicious flying rats in town; our poor pushchair managed to get dive bombed and required some serious scrubbing. You could even combine it with the beach if you were lucky enough to find a sunny summer day! (Yes, we are wearing winter clothes in June…)


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