Sir and Madam – A more sensible option for Thai

Sir&Madam rocks. What they lack in changing facilities, they definitely make up for in being nice and having good, fast, cheap Thai food with a smile.

There’s a cheap set menu, the food isn’t over-spicy (so you can share your pad thai with your kids) and the key thing for me is they bring out the food almost instantly. I don’t know about other toddlers, but Weasel has a timer that goes PING when she gets bored and that’s the end of meal enjoyment for us and the start of the toddler-entertainment mission.  If courses take too long we’re likely to end up with that PING halfway through our main course, which thankfully has never happened here.

You will need to trek upstairs to the loo, and there most definitely is not a changing table. (You can always go to one of the many nearby chain coffee shops after for that) What you will find though is a lot of other babies and kids in there and staff who seem to love kids. And all at a price that you don’t mind quite so much if it ends up on the floor/in your hair/in your handbag somehow. Of course it’s not Rumwong, but you might get a meal you actually enjoy instead of one that has elaborate garnishes and dirty looks.

Update! Having been here numerous times for lunch, we decided to pop in for dinner for the first time. There’s definitely a different mix of people (think less kids) for dinner, but it was still inviting. Pram space is more limited (we had to collapse ours), and people were being turned away it was so full. I was really happy to see they were so busy – lunchtime can be so quiet and I’m happy to see they do well in the evenings even in their little alleyway (Jeffreys Passage if anyone wants to have a giggle at that. I do every time.) If you don’t book you may still be fortunate enough to squeeze in between 2 bookings as we did – who can last more than an hour in a restaurant with a toddler anyways?! The adult set menu left plenty of bites of starters (seasame toast, chicken on sticks, spring rolls, etc), egg fried rice and not spicy (but still tasty) pad thai for Weasel.

So the verdict is that it’s more kid friendly at lunchtime, but you should be able to cope in the evenings too.


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