Pyramids Centre Swimming Pools – Southsea

For some reason I decided to check out the Pyramids Centre swimming pool on Southsea with a friend on the windiest, coldest day of winter. I figure posting now in this glorious English ‘summer’, it would still be a pretty accurate description of what you’d find there now. Also, please forgive the lack of personal photo – still haven’t managed to devise a cunning plan to use my underwater camera surreptitiously for the sake of this blog!

We must have been there at about 4pm, but from half of it being closed, the lighting, and being in there with probably no more than 5 other people, it did feel eerie and much later. They might win an award for most blustery car park on the planet too, so wrap up as you come out!

Highlights: clean, interesting sloping beach area, poolside tables with snack bar, slides (although these were closed the afternoon we were there) and large family changing rooms.

Lowlights: well, aptly, it was really dark. This would obviously be different in the summer, but there was such little light that we actually struggled to see. Swimming lessons had also closed off the only bit of the pool where Weasel could practice her jumping in.

Verdict: it’s a good location to combine with other activities and I imagine it would lose its eerieness as long as you went whilst the sun still was illuminating the place.



  1. this looks good 🙂

  2. Im going there on wednesday

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