What the Ladybird Heard (that’s a ladybug for American audiences and a bee-bird according to Weasel)

The fact that we own an upstairs and a downstairs copy of What the Ladybird Heard has to tell you how much Weasel loves it. Its staying power in her favourites list has been impressive. Animal noises? Check. Spotting tiny ladybirds on every page? Check. An actual plot? Check. Rhymes you don’t mind reading incessantly? Check. Chance to get to do police siren noises? Check. This book has it all.

Verdict: Highly recommended. Just make sure you get the full version – a friend got their copy for 99p at Tesco and it cuts out some pretty vital bits of the story making it difficult to follow. A gift pack with stuffed ladybird is also available.



  1. I bought this book, and love it! My daughter is too young yet to get really involved, but she was very interested when I started making all of the animal noises. I am going to buy more Julia Donaldson books because this one rocked so much!

  2. Glad she likes it! It will grow with her too when you can start asking her to point out things and find the ladybird on every page.

  3. oh, but avoid A Squash and a Squeeze by her – it really is a bit crap!

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