The White Hart – Wood Street Village

After an ill-timed swimming lesson, we decided to follow a tip off for good eating near Guildford at the White Hart Pub in Wood Street Village (why this village’s main street is not called Wood Street confuses me, but that’s another matter). As you can see from the photo below, without reservations, you have little chance of getting a table even at 2pm. Frustratingly we did watch one sit reserved and empty the entire 2 hours we were there, but luckily they do offer sofas with coffee tables. Although not the most practical of toddler eating arrangements, I’m glad we gave it a go anyways.

Changing: Very clean and of the unisex variety

Menu: The adult menu kicked ass and I wish I could have ordered about 10 things from it. Waiting for Weasel to wake up, she ended up with her lunch as we were on coffees (that’s after desserts as well), of macaroni & cheese. The kids menu isn’t on the website, but there was a vast choice that she could have enjoyed. As the thought of finishing off the leftover mac&cheese sounded most appealing to parents, that’s what we went for.

Friendly? Yes, although the empty table issue did grate on me, especially as they could have moved us to one of the many that had opened up even before we got our food. Hearing the staff chatting incessantly about their big nights out the night before didn’t thrill me either. I’m sure you’d hear none of that from those nice empty tables….

Pram: we managed to find space for it (had to take it in as she slept for the first hour at least) and navigated the couple of steps to the rear parking lot without too much hassle.

Verdict: I loved this place, something you probably wouldn’t guess from most of the comments above. Weasel was hard work due to the table situation and the most stupidly timed-swimming lesson. I would definitely go back, just would not do so unless I booked in advance. The food is worth it despite the slightly annoying experience we had.



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