Taste of London with a Toddler

Having gone to Taste of London in Regent’s Park for the past 5 years or so and seeing lots of yummy mummy types with their well-behaved, happily picnicking kids in tow, I couldn’t wait to take Weasel. Sadly, Weasel couldn’t make 2011 due to some seriously raging chicken pox, so this year would be her first.

What did I expect: a lovely picnic nibbling on tasty food in the sun (fat chance, hey?) whilst Weasel played happily with neighbouring tots.

What we got: Rain, unsurprisingly, but also a lot more crowds than previously, grassy areas to not get trampled on were too far from the food stalls to transport more than a dish at a time and a small child who maybe isn’t quite as adventurous as I would have dreamt of. Go figure.

She mostly scowled and ran from food, as you can see




Prams: Good for transporting stuff, but difficult to maneuver onto crowded food platforms and to keep your place on the mud-avoiding ramps. If it’s not been raining for 40 days and nights, it would probably be a little easier to get around with it.

Kids food: There will be something kids will like, but you may have to fight your way through some serious crowds to get to it. There were a lot of ice cream stalls, so if your kid loves the cold stuff, you are sorted.

Cake pops also a big hit

Changing: Couldn’t really find any and no chance in the minuscule loos. This is a good use of the pram (on rainy days) or just use the ground on a sunny one.

Will your toddler be bored? Probably. Despite this being in a park, there’s little running around space.


Us in the BA lounge, escaping the rain, with our awesome free treats

Verdict: Either it’s turning into more of a drink of London festival or I am sadly in old-parent mode now. It is definitely getting more crowded and easier to find a mojito than cake from our experience this year. Don’t get me wrong, I’m not being boring, I personally would like the mojito and the cake. It’s probably worth doing once when your kid isn’t in a push chair, but will start to feel a bit samey year after year. For £90 I think I’ll try something else next June.



  1. Food and toddler combo never quite goes as planned, does it? Thanks for the info!

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  3. Great info! We’ve got tickets to go with 2.5 year olds (and my friends pregnant). Wish us luck.

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