Boats! Boats! Boats! At the National Maritime Museum in Falmouth

Despite staying on the north coast of Cornwall for our holiday, we strangely seemed to spend most of it visiting places in the south. It was hard to resist a trip out to the National Maritime Museum in Falmouth. Don’t get me wrong, it was awesome, but during half term holidays we did find it difficult to see everything and Weasel found it a little over-whelming I suspect from being run at by a constant stream of screeching older children with parents in tow.

Awesome things to do? Climbing inside a Sea King helicopter (fighting off the 5 year old boys to get Weasel in the seat), getting into life rafts (or watching other older children hog them), pointing at boats both outside and inside and seeing the tide come up in the bottom of the tower with its underwater windows.

Accessibility: Possible, but not 100% easy when jam packed. The lifts in the tower are particularly slow and fill up with people who are just too lazy to take the stairs. Be careful going up to the top – there’s not much up there to justify the 15 minute lift wait on a busy day, but for some reason it can let you out on a mezzanine level leaving you right on the stairway unable to move without calling the lift again! As husband had taken the stairs with Weasel, a very kind bloke helped me up the last flight of stairs with the pram. Getting up there I found they were ready to come back down. I am not a fan of that tower, can you tell?!

I love the complete look of boredom on Weasel’s face. She really couldn’t have cared less about the helicopter, but I think most kids went nuts for it.

Food: Big cafe on an upper floor with loads of high chairs and looking very busy with kids. We didn’t eat there as we went for The Shack nearby, but it looked alright.

Toilets: We didn’t find the changing facilities as it was so crowded it was difficult to get around. We changed Weasel out at the public loos after.

Verdict: Worth it, but do not try to go in the holidays on a weekend. Definitely leave your pram at the entrance, we would have been really wise to do this and been a lot less grumpy.


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  1. […] There are lifts everywhere, but after the pain in the ass time we had with the pushchair in the Maritime Museum, we decided to abandon it at the entrance. I don’t think it was an official pram parking area […]

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