4th of July Kid’s Food BBQ Ideas

Totally lacking any inspiration for a daytime 4th of July kiddie bbq, my first where kids out-numbered adults and my first to do with husband away on business, I turned to t’internet to find exciting ideas that were going to be simple, quick and appealing to the hoard of wee-people about to descend on my house. Here were my exciting finds!

1) Hot dog octopuses! When originally suggested, I did assume they would be made of the actual cephalopod, but it turns out to be a little more basic and piss-easy. Cut hot dogs in two, four cuts to make the legs and then chuck them on the barbecue. These are easy and awesome. Don’t despair if your raw one is looking lame, their little tentacles with curl up with the heat. These are like toddler crack.

2) Corn dog muffins (just to the right of the cheesecake in the photo, and more sheets of cb than muffin shape I suppose) – I don’t know why these are so awesome, but they are. It could be the lack of corn dogs in the UK that make them so damn tasty. As I fail every time I attempt cornbread, I went down the quick route of a box of Aunt Jemina’s pre-made mix, available from Ocado in the UK and chucked in some chopped frankfurters. Pure amazeballs.

3) Upside down Cheesecake (see previous recipes) – Last time I just attempted a pattern with my blueberries and strawberries, but realised the colour-scheme suited the holiday well. It’s a no-bake one, but you could attempt a pattern with a baked one too. Just don’t be a dumb-ass like me; remember upside down creates a mirror image.

I would have done more, but this was a valiant effort for a weekday on my own chasing after a toddler I reckon. Happy eating!


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