Yet Another Tooth Brushing Ploy – A Step Stool!

Sick of having to chase Weasel around the room for 10 minutes, twice a day, just to get her teeth brushed (what happened to my little girl who loved brushing her own teeth so much she would ask for the tooth brush 10 times a day?!), I decided it was time to introduce a new prop. So, I decided it was time Weasel had a step stool and ordered the Pintoy Step Stool.

I went for a sturdy one, which feels nice and solid and made me feel like a proper DIY expert putting it together when it arrived flat-packed, even if it did only involve an allen key

A little surprising was the price, even more so since I don’t think I looked at it until I went to get the link for here. Is it worth the £39? I think I maybe should have shopped around, but it is very good quality. Does it make Weasel brush her teeth at least for a little while? Yes, so it has succeeded at least. And it should be useful in the future for washing her hands after the toilet and dragging around the house in order to get into all the crap we have now enabled her to reach. Good times.


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