The Good Intent – Petersfield – Possibly the friendliest pub I’ve ever been to

I’m not going to pretend to know Petersfield, but being on the way to the south coast, it has suddenly become a stopping place for lunch/coffee/groceries. With good reviews, a friend suggested we have lunch at The Good Intent one weekday lunchtime. You always get a bit nervous with pubs, wondering if they really will be child friendly. But this one is definitely worth a visit.The lovely Scottish staff were totally enamored with the 2 kiddos we had with us, even with Weasel’s constant ‘mummy, mummy, mummy’ing and bench escape attempts.



Food: The furniture didn’t scream good food when we walked in, but they really did amaze me with the quality of it. Weasel had a ravioli starter with goats cheese and spinach, and gulp, actually enjoyed it. I also enjoyed it since it was huge. If we had been smarter I would have ordered a starter and main in the lunchtime fixed price meal, which would have saved money. I was too tempted by the pie of the day at the time to give it a second thought.

Access: There are a few steps throughout, but mostly manageable. We sat near the door to avoid having to go very far with the 2 prams.

Changing? : Not really, but huge spotless loos made it easy just to change her on the floor.

Parking nearby? : They do have a car park at the rear, but I managed to miss it and just parked in the central car park (a pretty cheap one anyways).

Verdict: Definitely worth a visit – good, inexpensive food, friendly staff, & plenty of cars for your toddler to watch out the window.


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