Winkworth Arboretum – Lots of Trees Mostly

I’m not sure about arboretums – they do just seem like a forest with a fence around it to me. I guess it must be the cafe that makes it one. I digress. We headed off to Winkworth Arboretum near Godalming to have a walk and a picnic one fine Wednesday.

Facilities: Being a National Trust property does mean that Winkworth has decent toilets and baby changing.

Food: We brought a picnic, but did pop in for some Mini Milks and (rock solid) scones. They did a decent kids meal in there, but why bother when there’s such nice picnicking grounds further in.

Access: We didn’t struggle too much with the pram, although the ‘all-access’ path was difficult to keep track of and we didn’t manage to make it (due to steepness) down to the lake area. They could do with making it clearer so as to avoid turning around and a lot of searching for the coloured posts.

Verdict: Great place for a picnic and a wander; there’s the odd exciting bench or bunny to keep the toddler occupied. Definitely easier if you have a big-wheeled pram or a kid who is super-keen on walking.


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