Adventures on the Southbank

Taxes, death and something going on on the Southbank, are definitely the 3 things guaranteed in life. On the way to a birthday party in Lambeth, we couldn’t resist stopping for a few hours (and consequently being a wee bit late for the party…). And look, the red arrows put on a fly-by just for our arrival!Or it might have been for the Queen’s birthday, who knows.

One thing that certainly rocks, and everyone should get down to check out, is Adam Kalinowski’s Rainbow Park. A ginormous sand pit (covered at night thankfully, so dry and clean in the morning :)) with different colour sand and twisty benches to clamber over. I wish all art was this awesome.

We should have then started walking to our destination – instead we got entranced by Rime outside the National Theatre with their new thing for summer – Inside Out. They’ve set up an outdoor stage with deck chairs, giant sofas and plenty of ground space to chill out on. We caught Rime (as in of the Ancient Mariner) and some ladies combining sewing, bicycling and magic. One looked exactly like Natasha Kaplinsky. The place was packed with toddlers, and despite the odd little boy being dragged out of the front by an unnecessarily embarrassed mother, most were loving it.

Verdict: Go to the Southbank as often as possible, there is always something on and it’s mostly free. Your toddler will thank you for it.



  1. it’s ok – we still hadn’t been let into the party venue by the time you turned up!

    and what begins with b and ISN’T on the Southbank? 😉

    1. Haha! Another lesson is to look at a map before making plans!

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