St Michael’s Mount – Hard Work but Worth It

I always wanted to go to Mont St Michael in France, but as my lack of passport renewal dictated we stay in the UK for our holidays, we headed off to the next best thing; Saint Michael’s Mount in Cornwall. Both being abbey/fortress/island/castles, and even having the same name, I’d say I pretty much am totally over the need to go to the one in France. The National Trust one has the advantage of being a) not at the whims of US passport issuing offices for me to travel to, and b) serves an awesome scone.

Getting there: How you get there is going to be dependent on tide – high and you get a boat (£2 adult, £1 kids, babies free, although my husband said ‘she’s not a baby!’ despite him referring to her as being free, so we paid. Face palm moment for my oblivious husband), low tide and you have a walk on the causeway. And if Weasel can manage that walk, pretty much any toddler could.

Access: No prams up the hill to the actual castle, although you can use them down in the little village. Just leave it in the car, your life will be easier. They offered us hip carriers for Weasel if we wanted, which was thoughtful.And if Weasel and I can walk up it, I think most anyone could.

Changing: There are loos at both the restaurant and cafe at the bottom, although we only used the ones near the ticket office. Unfortunately the baby changing was in a normal stall, so when the queue got long, I couldn’t be bothered waiting behind the bus load of OAPs that had just rocked up. There are public changing tables next to the park on the mainland, but they looked like the devil himself may have vomited all over it the day we visited, so the boot of the car looked about the best bet.There were loos at the top of the hill, but didn’t check out if they had changing. We also changed Weasel on the ground on a random bit of roof, which seemed much less fuss than finding out!

Food: There’s a cafe (completely packed when we tried at lunchtime) and a restaurant, which appeared to pretty much have the same food. Being in desperate need of a caffeine fix, the restaurant is good for coffee & cakes outside of lunchtime and we were fine to get a table. Weasel vaguely looked at her scone (it was tasty for parents though) and enjoyed watching the baristas making coffee. The queue was actually shorter than the cafe for lunch, although we still queued for about 15 minutes. I’d bring a blanket and a picnic probably to save queuing or eat very early.  They did a kids meal, in a lovely bag, of which I’m pretty sure only the crisps were consumed by the intended recipient.

Is your toddler really going to have anything to do?! Yes! Boat ride, beating the tide back, beach to run on, roof top to run around on, big hill to climb, random rocks to point at and go ‘Oh, Wow!’ inexplicably, ice cream and quite a nice playground back on the mainland in Marazion, make this for an awesome day out. It’s only open about 6 months of the year, so be sure to check beforehand!


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