Yee-ha! She’ll Be Coming Round the Mountain

I was a bit nervous; Weasel didn’t really respond to She’ll Be Coming Round the Mountain the first few times it was read to her. Then suddenly one day she started asking for ‘Yee-ha book’. Now she adores it and after maybe 20 reads of it, she’s starting to get some of the noises and hand movements that go along with it.

Why it’s great:

1) Silly hand movements to make or to make Gravel make

2) Stupid noises

3) It pretty much can only be sung, so flows nicely and amuses you to watch a tone-deaf husband read it (so maybe one not to take on a train though)

4) Open up saloon doors (Peepo!)

Slightly odd bit – it has words like ya’ll and then the very English chimbley, so it’s a little bit of a weird mix.

Verdict: It’s definitely a keeper.




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