Heathrow Terminal 5 – Airplanes! Buses! Pods! What More Could You Want at This Age?!

Ok, so, the price of the parking might put you off, hanging out in Terminal 5 at Heathrow so should probably be reserved for when at least someone is actually flying. Saying that, I’m sure I’ve paid a similar amount to park in Reading for a meal, which was a little less expected. Dropping husband at dinner time, it seemed silly to not go in and check it out.

So what is there for a a kid to do? The Costa in departures is a great place to start. They have a kids play area (strangely the view of planes is blocked out though…), babyccinos and a great view out the window to the runway from the normal seats, a few gates and numerous other vehicles for your toddler to go nuts over (transport pods, buses, luggage carts, fire engines, etc.). Strangely all of the other restaurants before security lack any views, so this is the place to be.

Thinking the sandwiches looked a bit sickly, we headed over to Carluccio’s for a quick dinner. Thankfully, most people are in a hurry in an airport, so they serve fast and there is plenty of space for pushchairs. They even sat us somewhere where they said she wouldn’t get people knocking into her going past, which was thoughtful.

Kids menu: A multi-course job, and sadly even though we only ordered a main and drink for her, we got charged for the whole thing (£6.50). There is crostini to start, followed by quite a few pasta types (including lasagna and ravioli) and ice cream to finish; includes a drink. We went for milk and spinach & ricotta ravioli which she really liked. The menu comes with coloured pencils and a puzzle in an awesome brown paper bag, which would have been good on a normal day, but on this particular day just provided her with ammunition.

Changing: Of course, it’s an airport.

Parking: £8 for 2 hours I was there, as you would expect in short stay at a major airport.

Pods: You could potentially get away with calling a private pod and riding back and forth for free to the business car park – there’s nothing stopping you. Might be checking this out next business trip…



  1. Oh yes, Carluccio’s is our constant safe-bet when I hear the familiar cry: ‘paaaaastaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa’

    1. We’re in a stage of only eating pasta, never been so happy of so many Italian chain restaurants. Glad to hear it’s not just my kid!

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