Pick Your Own at Sutton Green

Having noticed the bogof offers on English strawberries in the supermarkets, 2 things dawned on me; 1 – pick your own strawberries must be ready (something I was waaaay too excited about taking Weasel to) and 2 – I forgot, like every other year, to apply for Wimbledon tickets 6 months ago. As I could fix the first, so off to Sutton Green we went to pick – in our Jubilee crown of course!

We were after strawberries, but they also had rhubarb and tomatoes which we’ll be going back for when they’re in season.  For a couple of pounds, you can get a big punnet with an awesomely cute handle for your kid to carry around. We looked at it in a lesson in colours – desperately trying to teach Weasel the difference between red and green, suddenly very important!

Now if I could just actually get her to eat a strawberry…

In addition to having PYO, garden centre and soon to have a farm shop, there’s a small cafe with outdoor table and play area. It is a bit old lady hanging out ground and we also had a couple who appeared to be having a date there, but we had the play area to ourselves. Weasel had a fab time trying to get all the furniture into the house. The coffee is a bit crap, but the hot cocos are great and they have an ice cream cabinet, and a high chair if you wanted it.We didn’t use the loos, but did see a sign pointing to some at least.


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  1. […] raging cold. We had been to Sutton Green last year for strawberries, at a much more sensible time, see here.  We seemed to also time it exceptionally badly in terms of actual fruit and veg being on the […]

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