A Very Tasty Solution to Not Having a Bathtub Whilst Away from Home

We’ve faced it many times – the hotel unexpectedly not having a bathtub or the en-suite at a holiday cottage having just a shower. As lovely as the shower might be, Weasel just is not keen on them. Genius husband discovered a way last week in one such situation to block up the totally flat plug hole. Fromage Frais or yogurt lids! I’m talking the kind on Petit Filous, so just the cheap plastic, peel-off kind. Don’t even clean it, it helps it stick down.

Honestly, this fix lasted about 20 minutes of her wriggling on top of it. And, if you buy the tasty chocolate ones, you can really enjoy helping out to get a lid for that evening’s bath.



  1. This is indeed genius! We are on holiday atm and have both a shower and petit filous but no bath. We have the baby bath with us, but not sure Roo’ll fit into it. Now, how to stop toddler removing the improvised bathplug?

    1. Toys, distract with beach toys doubling as bath toys? We were lucky for a middle plug too, so it was under her bum!

      1. Hmmm, the plug worked fine but I just couldn’t get the temperature right at all! So Roo had a cold standing up bath (wouldn’t sit dowñ for all the smarties in the kingdom) and I wussed out of a hairwash. But these are not flaws in Dave’s plan!

      2. Oh dear! Hopefully next time the shower cooperates with you 🙂

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