The Fastest Indian in the West – The Maharajah in Newquay

After Weasel decided to have a super long afternoon nap, we decided we could brave a restaurant for an evening meal with at least a fully-rested toddler. A quick google on the way to Newquay told us that the Maharajah was pretty much the only one in town so we thought we’d give it a go. Afterwards we learned it is also the oldest restaurant in town, est 1980. That makes me feel oooooold.

Right on a main drag of restaurants and surf shops, the Maharajah doesn’t look particularly classy from the outside; looking a bit more seaside b&b than tasty restaurant. But oh well; the parking wasn’t too far, pretty cheap comparatively and we were hungry for curry.

I’m so glad we went in. The views were spectacular over-looking the bay and inside this is one of the least blinged up curry houses I’ve ever seen. Brilliantly they even had TV’s with shots of the view for those not right next to the giant bay window, much to Weasel’s liking. And we had the added joy of Weasel staring at the awkward first date couple next to us. For once, we felt very welcome and it was probably them feeling a little weird about the over-attentive toddler.

Curries are great meals for kids, given the sharing aspect of the naan breads and poppadoms, plus all the fun dips. One of you might have to go for a curry that isn’t going to blow your head off (husband this time, my chicken pathia was a little too spicy to share, damn.). And this place was the speediest restaurant I think I’ve ever been too, a much unappreciated attribute until you try to eat with a toddler. In the door and out again we were only there 50 minutes. The service and attentiveness were spot on and they must have some skill at turning tables without making you feel rushed.

Facilities: Ladies loo has no change facilities, but the stalls and room is big enough that if you had to you could. There’s also a large Adsa very close, so you could always stop in after to pick up milk/bread and take advantage of theirs (although they do close at 8 most days).
Parking: 3 spots outside, so unlikely, but pay & display is pretty close.
Kid friendliness: Plenty of people watching to do, including all the trays being put out and trolleys going around. The waiters were very nice to Weasel and made us feel totally at ease.

Verdict: if you’re in Newquay, this is a great place to have dinner out with your toddler- tasty food, plenty to look at and so quick they barely have time to have a full meltdown.


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