The Chy – Defeated by Nachos in Newquay

Having visited the Blue Reef Sea Life Centre in the morning ( yes, I finally managed to do something before lunchtime, wehey! Wondermum!), we needed somewhere nearby for lunch. And although the rain had stopped after the previous night’s storms, the wind was still raging ruling out a picnic or beach front food sadly. Overlooking the sea at Newquay, The Chy has an awesome view. I was initially reluctant given that it seems to be a cocktail bar/ night club too, but I’m glad we gave it a go. It wasn’t quite as crappy out as this photo seems to show!

Out of 12 occupied tables, probably 10 had kids, and most of those at toddler age. They definitely had 2 high chairs – a little on the scruffy side, but with the tray off they fit onto the table well. The views gave Weasel plenty to look at, the other kids always seem to egg her on to eat more and her fish goujons, fries & peas was really tasty.

Word of warning – ‘light bites’ are a little bit of a misnomer. I’m American. I have seen many plates of nachos in my life. For £7 I had the biggest most filling plate of nachos I’ve ever seen. Even Weasel was drafted in to help me finish it off, which I no where near managed. The photo doesn’t do it justice; that bad boy is like half a foot of tasty, tasty nachos deep, cemented together with layer after layer of cheese.

Changing: sadly no. The stalls are a little tight too, so the only option would be changing in the sink area. Luckily we thought this might be the case (to be fair, baby changing in a night club would be a bit strange), so we changed her at Blue Reef beforehand (btw – it’s about a 3 minute walk away and the baby changing is in the entrance, so you could just sneak if not visiting the fish).

Verdict: very tasty, good for kids, great views, great location, good value and you might be able to get a sneaky daytime cocktail in there too. Obviously I’d avoid late dinners, the sticky floors give away its nighttime alter ego.


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