500 Words – Amazing Indian Take on the Important Ones

This book, 500 words, brought home by husband on a business trip to India, follows the usual format that the title suggests. And in the country with probably the world’s largest number of English speakers, what kind of magical variation on a theme do you get? It’s an intriguing read, currently being ignored by Weasel and giggled at by parents. The strangest thing? The fact that it’s written and published in India, yet features only white kids. The photos are so random I suspect someone has just spent some time using Google Images search engine and then gone “right, done!” after 20 minutes work. Brilliant.

And the well known quagga – extinct in the Victorian era. The book actually shows a zebra, a quagga is the second image here from a museum specimen. If you’re going to do something that obscure, at least show the right animal!

And the real (much dead) animal-

And my all-time favourite-

Verdict: Just no. I buy this crap so you don’t have to.


One comment

  1. My favourite is the kitten in the cage!

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